Double Take

Not long ago, he directed me to the basement to kneel. There was spanking, hot, rough sex and snuggling. We were still naked, sitting on the floor, him wrapped around me while we talked. He stood to get the water and on his way back to me, he just stopped and stared. I couldn’t figure out what he was staring at or why, for that matter. I was sitting with one leg crossed in front of me, the other leg crossed atop that one with my chin resting on my knee. My arms wrapped around my leg, I huddled in the warmth. It was a position my heavier body was incapable of. “You’re so beautiful,” he said. Then, he told me how beautiful my body looked, how the lighting was perfect, how much he loved me. I blushed. I don’t blush, at least I never did before. Thank goodness the lights were out. The only light was a blue hue glowing from the computer screen. He was so stricken by the way in which I was sitting and the perfect lighting that he tried to photograph it, but it didn’t work.

We’ve been married 15 years. This moment might be the moment I felt the most beautiful, the most sexy. I was heavy for 10 years and was very insecure. Sometimes, even though I know I’m healthy and thinner, my brain doesn’t always register those things. When he said those things to me, it caught me a bit off-guard, in the best possible way. I believed him, I felt beautiful. I felt loved and cherished. He’s said it and meant it so many times before, but those words were so touching, so vulnerable coming from his mouth just then.

See why I love him so much?

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