Most Days

Most days, I wake up tired, but I wake with intention and purpose. I never, ever hit snooze and I move about the day trying to forge my way, to make the most of each moment, to cross things off my list, to see and hear and appreciate all that is around me. I try to nurture new, positive habits, put all my effort into making each day of this journey a positive one for my family, even among the bumps and turns.

Some days, though, I wake tired and my intentions are foggy, my purpose skewed. My brain never quite fully latches on to the world around me. I get lost a little. These days, they are the most difficult. I don’t feel quite so sure of things, I’m too sensitive and sometimes, my immediate thoughts or reactions are a little too close to how they used to be. Then, I feel even worse, shaky, like I might crumble without him. While I’m not afraid to need him, a part of me is still uneasy when I feel like I so desperately do.

2 thoughts on “Most Days

  1. New to your blog, but not new to these feelings. Read it from beginning to now, look forward to reading more about your journey which closely resembles mine. My only sadness now is all the wasted years, but I am beyond excited for the years ahead.

    • Thank you! I’m so happy to find others on a similar journey. I’ll be reading yours as well. Those wasted years are sometimes difficult to swallow, but I, too, am looking forward to building this life together.

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