Grasping Shirttails

The past few weeks, we’ve been so busy – gymnastics is kicking our butts and there has been something taking up every weekend for over a month. Add in to that a work conference, an upcoming long weekend away for me, more gymnastics and my husband has been sick for two weeks. Life seems to be so hectic and my husband and I have seen much less of one another.

When we do see one another, we’re tired and worn out – we enjoy our time together and make the most of it, but it’s just been less time. I’ve been taking care of him and being the CEO of the house, organizing the activities and appointments and dinners and chores and…..

Anyway, lately, I’ve felt like a little like a child. And, I feel selfish. I know I need to be good at juggling all this stuff, especially since he’s been sick. I’ve been taking good care of him, bringing in him tea and medicine and blankets and giving massages when he’s home. But, even though he’s been sick, he just hasn’t been around as much, especially this week. I feel like I’m grasping at his shirttails, starving for attention. Except, I won’t ask for it. I can’t, because I don’t want to be needy while we’re so busy and he’s sick. I do tell him how much I miss him and can’t wait until things slow down. I really can’t wait until things slow down. February sucks.

4 thoughts on “Grasping Shirttails

  1. Life just seems to do just that…. Get in the way! But it sounds as if you have remained submissive in your Sirs time of need! You took care of him, brought him his medicine, blankets, and gave him massages. You served your Sir, and his needs! I too have felt your pain, and need! as my Sir has had a spell of shingles, and now a nasty head cold, and has not been himself for about 3 weeks now! So I completely understand!

    Keep your chin up, February does suck, but it’s half over! Lets hope the second half gets better for both of us!

    Hugs, Mynx

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