I Melt

After we talk about our rules, he leads us to the bedroom. I am already so aroused, simply from our talk and the allure of his growing control that I eagerly follow, my hand engulfed in his, and I feel how quickly my heart is beating. His investment is irresistible. It is all coming together in a way we never expected and I’m overwhelmed. By the time we make it upstairs, I am void of all thought, I simply breathe. Those first few words he speaks into my ear seep into me and take root, giving me the chills. His slightest touch causes me to quiver and my breath to catch. I am focused on only him, I have no choice, he consumes me. The neck kisses are my complete undoing. I am surrender and desire. I am his canvas, ready and willing.

He binds my wrists together, unexpectedly with a tie, and hooks it to the mattress system clip in the corner. The gag slips carefully over my head and into my mouth. He controls the rest of me with his hands and body and words. He moves with purpose, and our eyes lock with a look they’ve never shared before, not like this. Something has changed. There is something more. Or, maybe something less, I don’t quite know. The things he says, the sounds he makes, the way he pushes his forehead onto mine as he speaks or gasps or moans, oh, god. I melt. Into him.

6 thoughts on “I Melt

  1. I understand this all too well…. I usually refer to melting into a puddle at his feet. And it doesn’t take much to send me there…. A look, a command, a touch! Mmmmmm yes!
    Hugs, Mynx

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