I Get It

My neighbor’s dog is very sweet. He is big and floppy and licky, my girls love him. Every morning, while we eat our breakfast, my husband leaves for work. We hug and kiss and say goodbye. Not long after, we hear the neighbor’s sweet dog. He sings the loudest, separation anxiety ridden cry, proclaiming his sadness that his owner has left for work. And, every single morning I think to myself, “Dude, I get it.”

2 thoughts on “I Get It

  1. I get it too!!! Every time Sir leaves the house I feel as if he takes a piece of me with him! But when he comes home, I have to fight our own dogs for his attention, and I try and wag my tail, but just doesn’t seem to work as good as our dogs, but does get a chuckle from Sir! Oh and I could lick him all over ……literally! ;D
    Hugs, Mynx

  2. Hahahaha, I just said something similar to my husband yesterday! I asked if I looked like our dog, excited and begging for his attention as soon as he walks in the door every evening.

    It’s wonderful isn’t it?!?! To be so enamored with someone?

    Thank you!

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