Fun Things I Learned Yesterday

1. Brown Butter Almond Brittle ice cream tastes better when I lick it from the corner of his mouth.

2. The way he says my name to others makes me all melty.

3. I like the way he looks at me when I try on clothes for him.

4. Williams Sonoma and The Tack Shop are perfectly acceptable places to buy spanky things (spanking your hands with those spanky things while in the stores only elicits a few odd looks).

5. Coffee that costs $18 per pound can still taste like shit, no matter how you brew it.

6. Chinos are softer than jeans if you aren’t wearing underwear (I still don’t own any dresses or skirts).

7. A ‘quickie’ when the kids aren’t home isn’t very quick.

8. When I drink coffee from a lidded cup I lead with my tongue. My husband compared it to something else I do, but it’s a secret.

9. When he slides his hands to rest between my legs in the booth, I’m ready for the check.

10. It’s possible to call in to the local radio station and win hockey tickets while I put on make-up.

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