Push the Button

Last night, I put on a sexy bra and panty set. My husband wanted to see me in it, then asked me to do something sexy. As I was crouching down to do as he asked, my joints popped so loud it sounded like fireworks on the Fourth of July. I fell to the floor laughing and my husband was laughing….we honestly laughed until we cried. He immediately starts saying loudly and annunciating slowly, “Are you okay? Do you have Life Alert? Push the button on your necklace!”

That’s what happens when you’re 42. You get up off the floor, high five, then go on like it never happened.

14 thoughts on “Push the Button

    • Thank you, so much! We’ve been together for 20 years. While we were never unhappy, we had rough patches, mainly due to my stubbornness. Now, we are happier than ever and D/s is a huge part of that.

      I hope you achieve whatever it is you are striving for in your relationship. That may evolve as time goes on, but the connection is definitely the biggest part. Good luck!

  1. OMG! I laughed so hard, mostly because…been there, popped that. Or being 50, trying to get a sexy boob pic, only to realize that when you push the girls up, you wrinkle the chest. LMAO

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