My Hero

I mentioned this in passing a few times, but I’m in awe of my husband. He experienced a life changing injury over 20 years ago. He deals with ongoing pain every day – he’s had over a dozen surgeries as a result of the injury, most have been very difficult. There may be a day he won’t be able to walk. Today is not that day.

Yesterday, he had an important doctor’s appointment. We’ve both been worried about the outcome for days. He was told he doesn’t need surgery just yet, but he will need it. It might not be for a year or it might be three years. There might be other surgeries on other parts in the meantime.

Here is what gets me: this man wakes up every day in pain. He works though the pain, exercises through the pain and lives life through the pain. All the while, he is determined and positive and happy and he shares that with everyone he encounters all day long. No matter what.

He is my hero.

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