Open My Eyes

I’m not really sure how to describe all that has happened in the last month or so. There’s been so much talking and trying things and discovery and communication. It’s been impossible to keep up with writing about it and I’ve been thinking too much to try. I’ve been talking to M and focusing on us.

We learned that breaking rules and punishment sucks for us both and I haven’t broken any rules in a while. We realized that even though we may get really excited about new things in the bedroom, taking it slowly is always the answer. Otherwise, it feels like we are getting ahead of ourselves and skipping important parts of the process. I understand the need to shut my mouth sometimes, trust, go with the flow, and follow his lead. I’m always happier in the long run when I do – we’ve been doing this long enough to do this. There is a time to talk and and a time to trust and see what happens. I’m learning the balance. I realized that I find faults in the way we are doing things when I’m fighting against myself – if I’m feeling too vulnerable or shaky or afraid, I’ll revert to trying to control some aspect of this to keep myself from ‘sinking’. He realized an area of discomfort which we are both working to remedy.

Most of all, we’ve come to see how much of this is truly rooted in who we are as individuals and how we are as a couple. We see how simply being true to ourselves and nurturing these qualities has improved our lives more than we imagined it could. We are happy and hopeful, even amidst change and evolution.

We have another rule review/discussion this weekend. I’m most always surprised – I think a certain way and after we talk, his perspective changes me. He opens my eyes, in so many ways. I really love our talks.

8 thoughts on “Open My Eyes

    • I agree, but sometimes I need to think something through first. Otherwise I talk, and talk, and talk until I’m talking in circles. It’s a difficult balance. I won’t keep things to myself and hinder us in any way. I’m just learning a balance.

  1. Tas, there are times when I read what you wright and think to myself. “I could have written that? Word for word” not because I have your talent, but because you reach into me and put into the perfect words what I am feeling….inspiration like yours has given me the push I needed to start a blog too  Thank you!

    • There you are. I hope this isn’t creepy, but I saved one of the comments you made on my blog several weeks ago. It was so touching and I was hoping to speak to you again and thank you. So, thank you!!

      I appreciate your kind words and I’m always moved when others can relate – it’s one of the reasons I blog at all. It’s so nice to connect with others and share our journeys.

      Inspiration like yours is why I keep blogging! Thank you.

      • Not creepy at all! I am humbled and happy to have said something that made an impact, like you so many times do for me. I know how busy you are but if you can it would mean so much to me if you would read my blog and offer feed back. I feel like suck a newbie and your opinion would be so valued by me.

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