The Little Things

Yesterday, my husband told me something so simple, yet it was so huge. We were discussing how things are going and he said he never thought the smallest things we do for one another would make such a big difference. He told me how thankful he was for his lunches the past week. He said, “Every day I opened my lunch I was reminded of you – you did this for me. Then you asked, and I told you about the cheese falling out and the next day you had changed the way you made it, just because I had mentioned it. And then that note, it made my whole day. I can’t tell you how much just those lunches mean to me.” They mean so much to me, too.

M had thanked me every day, but not with this depth. I had told him earlier in the week how making his coffee and lunches helps me focus every morning; it’s the perfect beginning to my day. I enjoy knowing I’m doing something for him that will make his day better in some way, even when we are not together. There was a connection – he appreciated the lunch, I enjoy making it – it’s a win/win. Even amidst our hellish schedules last week, this one small gesture between the two of us made a difference. I also love the giant hug and groping I get every morning as I make them.

My hope is that all these small things keep making a difference. I want them to never get old. I want to never stop appreciating them, to never overlook them or take them for granted.

11 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. The Boss and I have had similar conversations many times. Many weeks,they happen every day. I believe that this constant expression of gratitude is one of the main drivers of our happiness.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. In the beginning, we built it into our daily routine. Now, it comes very naturally. That tension about who did what and who did more or less – it’s all gone. Just this awareness and appreciation for the things we each do. Of course, we still work on it.

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