Frozen Pizza

Last night, we were interrupted, just as ‘things’ got started. When I was finished soothing and tucking in, M was sleeping. I didn’t wake him, but he did slide over to snuggle me in his half-sleep, a few loving things whispered into my ear before he drifted off again.

This morning was a little rushed, so we didn’t have any time to have a conversation. Before sleep every night, we talk about all the things we are grateful for, things the other did which made a difference, no matter how seemingly big or small. We didn’t get to do that last night or this morning, so I texted him just a bit ago.

Me: Thank you for all your hard work yesterday. Thank you for mulching. Thank you for taking us for ice cream. I didn’t get to tell you last night – I love you.

Him: You’re welcome. Sorry there was no cold pizza last night. Tonight it will be frozen….

Me: How am I supposed to get any work done when all I can do is daydream about that frozen pizza?

Cold pizza is not REALLY cold pizza. This will clear it up: Cold Pizza

The cold pizza was pretty amazing. I can only imagine the frozen pizza……

6 thoughts on “Frozen Pizza

    • I am having trouble staying focused on much of anything. You know how those days are…….you’ll be doing something and you pause, maybe daydreaming of possibilities or replaying past experiences, hoping. Then, you realize someone has been standing in front of you speaking to you for 5 minutes and you didn’t even know they existed. Or you look at the clock and realize a ridiculous amount of time has passed and you’ve halted all movement and can’t even remember what task you were engaged in.

      That’s how my day is going :-). Hope yours is fantastic!

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