For the past several months, we’ve been home-bodies. We’ve engaged in very little with family or friends. Our girls keep us busy, but that’s not the reason we’ve been pretty closed off.

We’ve felt so cozy and secure creating this cocoon for ourselves as we learn and grow. This is new and warm and comfy and exciting and OURS. We’ve wanted to wallow in one another. To be concentrated, possessive, and focused. It feels selfish, but we needed it desperately.

How horrible is it that I still just want to wrap us up tight and stay? I want to savor and preserve. I want no extraneous diversions. I just want us.

I do suppose it’s time to let the world in. Or bust out.

But, I don’t want to.

13 thoughts on “Cocooned

  1. I think it’s not at all selfish to strengthen your most important relationship. I think for those of us who identify as submissive, that relationship is pivotal, and everything else good in your life for others is an outgrowth of that. Ultimately everyone you touch will benefit from it.

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