Me, Too

I wonder
Do you daydream?

Can you feel the warmth of the strike
On your palm
And see my body
Bracing for yours?

Do you remember the shifting weight
Of the flogger
Telling sigh
Melting troubles away?

Can you picture your face flush
With power
As you tell me to
Stay still and quiet?

Do you hear the thwack
Of leather on my skin
As I gasp and moan
In pain-pleasure?

Can you anticipate the reverberation
Of the paddle
Clenching muscles fading
Worries away?

Do you visualize the cold chain
Of the clamps
As you tug and pull
With desire?

Do you yearn for bright redness
On my skin
After you’ve lavished me
With love and care?

Can you replay the whispered directives
You gave
Captivating my heart
Body following?

Do you envision the wrecking waves
Of pleasure
As you command focus
Reminding I’m yours?

I imagine you do

Me, too

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