First Trip

Our first camping trip of the year was this weekend. The weather was gorgeous – we enjoyed the beach and the walks and campfire talks. On Friday, an opportunity arose and we quietly (oh, so difficult) christened our new camper. Saturday night, M and I put our feet up and sipped wine while leaning back, holding hands and gazing at the stars, finding as many constellations and planets as we could. Sunday, I followed all sorts of unexpected, sexy directions throughout the day. Just his forethought was insanely erotic, but then, his spontaneity on top of that, wow. I never knew if something erotic was waiting for me from one moment to the next, all day long. He snuck us away for many stolen, sexy moments, ones I won’t likely forget. At night, we sat by the fire, held hands, talked and laughed at the silliest things. Admiring the stars again, we snuggled into one another and made out like teenagers. They were the kinds of kisses that made our teeth tingle, left us gasping for air and tugging on clothes, wishing. Then, I was surprised again when I was asked to kneel before him. And what happened next – I was lucky enough to cross one thing off of our simple bucket list.

It was a good weekend.

14 thoughts on “First Trip

  1. Looking forward to our first trip in July. Hoping for some of the same surprises. The teases so far about it have been very stimulating! Glad yours was a great kickoff to the season. That always makes the next one more wonderful to anticipate for me.

    • Thank you! I didn’t know you camped too. And you kayak as well! Those are our favorite family activities.

      I hope your trip is amazing…..something to look forward to and daydream about during this visit.

      Take care.

      • Imagine my surprise when you posted about it. lol!! Yes we tent camp and have done it together for over 20 years. We camp in the mountains usually. We almost always kick off our season with about 5 days over the 4th of July. Almost every year we get hailed on! It’s like a family tradition. It’s still cold here at night in July, so we have lots of fire time, hot chocolate time, and hiking.

        We take our youngest and one of his friends, our 4 dogs, and camp by a river. We have always taken our 4 godchildren as well but alas they grow up and get jobs. Now we have a granddaughter to take along. Looking forward to having her and her parents come out with us this year. Puts a little crimp in our sexy plans but worth it for the million dollar memories with the kids. That trip is one that I am putting every little detail on in my mind right now. As well as some possibilities for some outdoor naughty time. 🙂

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