Smiles and Giggles

On the surface, my smiles or giggles may seem inappropriate. They come at times that baffled me at first. I couldn’t figure out why in the world I’d giggle or smile when the situation was NOT funny. But, I figured it out.

When I say something I probably shouldn’t have, I get “the look”. That look shuts me right up – but I smile, every time. I try to stifle it, but I just can’t. When he asks me to go do something or to stop doing something, I obey – but I smile, every time. When he tells it’s time for bed and to wait patiently for him, I listen – but I giggle (and blush), every time. Even during a spanking, it happens. The harder it gets, the more I periodically giggle. Honestly, every time. And there are more such moments, every day.

I know why. During these times, I feel the pull of his control the most and I’m glowing from the inside out. It surrounds me like a warm embrace. In those moments, I realize, every time, that he cares, even about the little things. I realize that even when I lose, I win. I realize that he is always thinking of us and strives to help us be the best versions of ourselves. I feel his love and desire for me. I belong to him, and those little smiles and giggles are my joy escaping in little bursts.

In fact, when I think about it, all those things he does and says – they are the most powerful form of foreplay, even if they’re not intended to be. They are erotic and hot, even if they aren’t overtly sexual. Just a look, a few words. A smile or a nod. A smack on the ass.

And, I smile and giggle.

6 thoughts on “Smiles and Giggles

  1. I’ve totally been busted for this. We crack each other up all the time so no one thinks anything of it. However, I often get the giggles during a spanking of any kind or when he seriously makes a demand because I am so thrilled he is doing it. Like you, I’m just so happy about it. Eventually, he often gets cracked up at me, telling me there is nothing funny going on and we both fall out. Sigh. I love this.

  2. We laugh around here all the time too. M is such a goofball and we find humor in the same things, so we aren’t serious all that often. Anytime I feel his pull, I smile or giggle. M doesn’t always see my smiles or hear my giggles (except during the spanking), but even when he does, he knows why. He knows it’s pride and happiness and nothing else. I smile all the time now.

    I’m happy you do, too!!!

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