Last night reminded me of when M and I were 22. We were tired from Sunday night and went to bed early. As we lay on our pillows, face to face, foreheads touching in an embrace, our talk inevitably gravitated to the activities the night before. We talked about how we each felt, what we were thinking throughout, our favorite parts, and parts which we could improve upon. Then, we kissed – those same kisses from that first night in my dorm room all those years ago. Those same warm, deep, all-consuming kisses, the ones which inspire hope. Our kisses began as those kisses did all those years ago, but last night, they weren’t just ‘getting to know you’ kisses. Each one was a word, stringing together a sentence, telling a story. It’s a story we both understand, better than ever before. It’s a story that begins with these kisses, but has no end. It is a story of hope.

We added one rule – we will make out every day. Each kiss a reminder, another word in a sentence in the story of us. Each kiss a little bit of remembrance and a little bit of hope, passing between us.

10 thoughts on “Kisses

  1. One of the things my submission and his domination has given us back that surprised the heck out of me was make out sessions!!! I had a moment like this last month where we spent an hour deeply kissing each other and I, too, was transported back to our dating years and how much I have missed laying with him and kissing until we were both completely overheated. We kiss like this all the time now. Any kiss can lead to a session anywhere. It makes me giddy when he leans in for me because I know he’s going to devour me just like he used to and I can’t hardly wait!!!! Isn’t it just the best?

    • Yes, us too! We kiss and touch and joke and just generally connect all day long. The kisses are the best, though. They are like those kisses of the older days, aren’t they. Only they are more. More than I ever imagined they could be.

      I’m so happy you two make out like teenagers, too. It really is the best. Thanks, WWA.

  2. So beautiful TAS, it was so unexpected to find true love and passion in a community of D/s. I saw how it was portrayed in the media and it looks like it’s all about kinky sex and BDSM, but then I looked deeper and I saw how for it to work right you need so much trust, passion and love. I am so glad I came across it when and how I did, so glad to see how it has rekindled long term relationships in a very healthy and exciting way, you and M being a prime example of what to strive for. Thank you again for sharing your experience and life with those of us that can learn from it. I wasn’t lucky enough to meet my Love when I was younger but I was lucky enough to meet him now, I can only hope for that kind of longevity in my own young love affair but I do hope and pray that Oberon and I make it to forever together and that we do it with grace, love, passion and yes some kinky sex thrown in for good measure. 🙂

    • I know what you mean. It can be very scary and misleading and even intimidating when you begin to search for information. It takes some digging, but there are so many people living love stories, just like us. I’m so happy to have found a community of others, too. You seem to be so happy and fulfilled and hopeful – I have no doubt your relationship is the forever kind.

      Thank you for reading and relating and sharing, too. Without that, I wouldn’t bother to be here.

  3. Due to your help and guidance my husband and I have made the same rule. We have the “make out” session when he returns home from work each day. I t is a wonderful way to de-stress and reconnect. Before this we were always in a rush to “get to the good stuff”. Now that we have slowed down the good stuff is even better. I crave those deep connecting kisses and especially the embraces. Thanks again for the great advice and for sharing your beautiful love story.

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