After the Aftercare

Or maybe aftercare, continued?!

After, you know, we had a long snuggle, then showered and washed one another. We needed to clean up the room, so I was changing the sheets on our bed. The music was still on and a song we both love came on. I immediately grabbed the Hitachi, because it makes a fantastic microphone, and M danced ridiculously around the room in his Batman boxer briefs as we both sang crazy loud to the song. We laughed, got dressed, then went out for a snack and a couple beers.

Can I just say how amazing it was to sit on a barstool and feel that fresh, stingy hotness on my ass? To feel his hand caress the tender, prickly skin on my back? I just nuzzled in to him, sipped my drink and glowed. From the inside out.

We are having a wonderful weekend. It’s not all about sex and kinkyness – we’ve been growing and connecting so very much. Just when I think it can’t possibly get any better, it does.

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