The Essence of Me

With lingering weight on shoulders, heavy
Each day ends the same
The shedding of armor, making myself ready

Misty air thick, vibrating with anticipation
Billowing steam whispering my name
The removing of masks, a transformation

Commanding words, fresh in my ear
Precise plucks and snips, eyes open wide
Body already responding, wishing you near

Readying for your touch, skin made silky smooth
Soft fingers lather and swipe and glide
To a rhythm in sync with you, I move

Replaying desire in your voice, tangible connection
Bristles massage delicate skin to display
The sharp blade following your direction

My essence changed, yet still the same
The day’s grit and residue washed away
Now, only your expectations remain

Manicured and polished, outside in
Cooling lotion and warm oil meet
Our dance, a give-take, about to begin

Hand clearing reflective path, I see
Calm silhouette in the mirror, complete
More of you and less of me

Exactly where I want to be

*the phrase “more of you and less of me” inspired by Wildwestangel

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