14 thoughts on “New Addition

    • Flogger Instructions

      This will make a flogger with 30 falls, 19 inches long, 1/2 inch wide, with a 6 inch handle.

      Suede hide, cut to 25 inches x 15 inches
      Painters tape
      Hard surface big enough to hold the hide and okay to cut on
      Exacto hobby knife
      4 upholstery tacks
      Rubber mallet
      Krazy Glue, large tube
      Straight edge, like a yardstick
      Dowel that best fits your hand, cut to 6 inches

      Lay hide out on surface and cut to 25×15 inches. It’s easiest to cut if you tape it down. Once cut to rectangular shape, tape to surface again.

      On 15 inch side, measure every 1/2 inch and mark with chalk on one end. On the other end, measure 6 inches up and chalk a line. On that line, measure every 1/2 inch and mark again.

      Use yardstick to match the 1/2 inch marks, then use Exacto knife along the straight edge to cut from top to 6 inch mark.

      Use damp towel to remove chalk marks from suede. Remove all tape.

      Cut a circular shape from the scrap, just a bit bigger than the bottom of the dowel and glue on bottom and up sides carefully. We put a few inward cuts (toward center) so the suede didnโ€™t leave any bulky overlap to glue or leave wrinkles on the handle.

      Lay hide so that the side you will glue is facing up. Krazy glue about a 4 inch strip of the 6 inch bottom section of suede, then lay the dowel on, carefully and tightly rolling so the suede sticks. Repeat until you reach the end. It helps if someone holds the other side as you roll.

      Cut 2 strips from the scrap, about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. Glue to top and bottom of handle. When dry, secure with tacks for decoration.

      Hope this helps! Have fun ๐Ÿ˜‰.

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