At Last

Three long days, two nights
Peaked, but not the same
Readied by his touch, his words
Body shouting his name

That ottoman, soft and paisley
Bent over, bound by command
Suede flogger, sting and thud all over
Guided by his hand

His heat radiates behind me
Bodies collide, fierce, and quick
Flogger still in rhythm
Until my hair in his fist is thick

“Tell me what you want”, he says
I tell him, words repeating
Body covers mine, I’m reminded
“Sir, ” I say, breath fleeting

At the edge, time and again
Mind and body following his lead
Upward spiral, body quivering, begging
Hitachi hums with greed

Wrecking, gripping, crippling release
My body gives over to him
He pulls and pulls more out of me
Than I ever thought I could give

More flogger, more humming, more him
Fingers all over probe and roam
He flips me over on the ottoman
In his hands, I am at home

I’m floating, dreamy, inside myself
Oh god, my body at his will
More please stop more please
Release, repeated, unable to be still

Wetness soaks the towel, uncontrolled
Head spinning, wondering how
It’s possible to love this man
As much as I do now

Desire burns, the need to please
I sit on bended knee
“Please, Sir, let me, please,” I ask
“One more, lean back for me”

Back and forth, suede falls strike
On breasts and chest, breath heaving
My head tips back as moans escape
Pain pleasure humming, release completing

Undulating, release still flowing, I shudder
As he enters harsh and fast
Bodies clash and meld, holding gaze
Together, release at last

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