An Eternity

I know what’s been bothering me. I didn’t want to admit it, it seems silly on it’s face. It does.

I’m anxious. We leave for a weeklong camping trip on Saturday morning. We will be on the water in the mountains at the most beautiful place we camp, for a week. I should be excited, I know this. I love it there. But, this year, I will miss M. This year, it feels different.

Last year, I felt a pang of what I’m feeling now. I had begun to embrace myself by then and M and I were experiencing so many positive affects, we were so much closer. But, this year, we are in a different realm. We are closer than we’ve ever been. We’ll be camping with many other families, with many activities and cooking and children…..and I fear we won’t have much time together, to connect. We will be sleeping in our camper each night with our children, so sexual activities will be hard to come by.

What seems silly to me, is that I’m actually anxious about the lack of sexual activity. Even at home, when we’ve had a busy day and children take up our time, we meet at the end of the day, finding time for sitting at his feet, conversation, cuddling, closeness……and most days some sort of connecting, sexual activity.

Is sex the only way to express love or Dominance or submission? Of course not. But, it sure is reassuring, isn’t it? It feels like concentrated love, an expression of Dominance and submission and love in it’s most raw form. I’m addicted to it, to him, his touch.

One week.

It feels like an eternity.

13 thoughts on “An Eternity

  1. I think it is delightful that your mindset is about ‘not’ having time together. Wonderful!

    Find solace in brief interludes stolen away in Nature’s wood.

  2. It’s not silly. We had a short couple of dY camping trip. I can totally sympathize with you. I am totally and completely addicted to Daddy and our sex life. I love our cuddle time and the time we set aside for us to just talk. Since our trip was just a couple of days we set the play time aside but Daddy made sure we had our time to connect. We went for a walk each day. It was great. It was quiet and it was nice to just get to talk. I’m sure you’ll do great.


  3. You are not being silly. I am feeling disconnected because we have so many people in the house this week. Our “routine” has been interrupted. Tell him how you feel. This is not something to stress over. Make time at night, once the girls are sleeping to snuggle. Maybe you can even connect quietly. Hold hands and kiss and keep the connection going. It sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned. Enjoy every moment. And hey, sexual activity ever day? You go girl 🙂

    • I can live with ways to connect throughout the day, spending time, sitting together, finding ways to touch and snuggle. Thanks for the ideas!

      Not EVERY day (just most days ☺️).

  4. It’s your meditation time – focus on the wicked, wicked things you want your M to do when you return to home base. It’s your physical renewal time – inhale as deeply as you can that fresh mountain air. It’s your spiritual time – connect with something bigger than yourselves .

    You will have the best week of your life and when you return home you will have the best sex ever. At least this is my wish for you! 🙂

  5. Oh TAS I so feel your pain. I see you’ve gotten a lot of wonderful ideas and it’s nice to see how much support has been rallied. I would love to have read many of these comments. My M and I were on a trip last week and I struggled with being able to express myself through our normal means. Definitely a learning curve and I know you will figure out what works for you 😀 Good luck and please enjoy all the time you guys will have. HUGS!

  6. Thank you, FXC. I know I will struggle internally, and I tried to talk to M about it tonight. He pinned me to the floor and MADE me stop thinking about it. He said we will figure it out and I’m not allowed to worry about it ANYMORE. I guess I better listen. 😉

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