Is It Hot In Here?

Last night before sleep, M and I were talking again. Just a brief conversation, but it meant so much to me. I thanked him again for knowing me so well. For being here, for being everything to me.

He said he doesn’t always know exactly what I need, but he often knows when I need something. He appreciates our communication, both verbal and non.

Then, he told me his day had been a little stressful, and that spanking and orgasm in the kitchen was just what HE had needed too. He told me he felt better after too. He enjoyed the delivery.

He has told me many times before how much he enjoys the pleasure and connection, me needing him. But, I don’t think I ever tire of hearing it.

OOF. Is it hot in here? And I still have this evening to look forward to……

7 thoughts on “Is It Hot In Here?

  1. I was just asking SB what HE gets out of being a Dom, because I never really thought of it that way. I feel like i get so much. Shocker…it feels natural and right to Him too. lol

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