Sleep Talk

Most nights, M falls asleep before me. I hear his breath, deep and steady, his chest rising and falling against my back and his arm is draped around me as I read. Many nights, just when I think he’s slipped into sleep, I hear his voice, warm on my ear. Always, endearing words, ones that melt my heart. Last night, he said, “Kay, I love you with my whole heart. You make me so proud”, as he leaned in to squeeze me harder and kiss my cheek. Then, just as quickly, he slid into a slumber.

The best part about the sleep talk, is that he must be thinking of me as his brain and body let go and relax. I must occupy his thoughts. Not his busy day or his ‘to do’ list for tomorrow – just me.

I wonder if, in his thick slumber, he dreams of me as I dream of him?

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