Silky, smooth, purple cloth resting
On tops of thighs, presenting
Eyes cast downward, shoulders high
Anticipation unrelenting

Working fingers cup and caress
Soft lips over chilly skin
Nightie up and over my head
Two fingers control my chin

“Lie down on your belly,” you say
Palms pulled to rest on my bottom
The pillowcase slides up my arms, bound
Flipped over, worries forgotten

Legs are bound, much the same
Ball gag slipped on and toggle tightened
Your playful words, my muffled giggles
Perception and awareness heightened

Warm and wet, mouth encloses
Over nipples, peaked and taut
Clamps pinch and squeeze, chain cold
As you enter, skin on mine hot

Movement restricted as I reach a pinnacle
Breasts kneaded, clit flicked too
Clamps tugged and pulled until
All I feel is You

Resting on my chest, only briefly
The clamp is moved much lower
Clit is large and swollen, now clasped
Breathing rapid, then forced slower

Manmade version of you, in and out
Plugged carefully, movement matching
Pink Floyd serenading, a melody
Exploding release, uncontrolled, breath catching

Warmth radiating, again climax is near
As clamp is pulled, let loose
Vibrations buzz and hum until
I come and come as you choose

Fingers enter, soft and slow
Faster rhythm, then whisper in my ear
A challenge, playful, yet commanding
Clamped again, forced release near

Over and again, playfully pushed
“Good Girl,” you compliment
Mind hums to match my body, I hear
“We’re not finished yet”

Unbound, gently, then maneuvered
Bound by hands and fiery thrust
Body gives over and over again
Linked, symbiosis built on trust

Warm shaft stretches stiff jaw
Your head propped up to see
Into your eyes, gazing, stroking
Until all you feel is me

Breathless, both of us, tangled
Loving words, messaging hands
Unimaginable love and devotion
Connected, forever, by more than bands

13 thoughts on “Encased

  1. Beautiful tears solicited from me TAS. This is a masterpiece and captures the essence of you two very well. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for sharing the beauty in our lifestyle. Thank you for sharing the love between you and M. Thank you!

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