I See You

The moan when I kiss you in the morning to wake you up.

My from-behind hug in the kitchen as I make your coffee.

All the swats and kisses, nipple pinches and towel snaps, hair grabs and neck kisses in the kitchen.

All the sexy ambushes everywhere, all the time.

The naughty looks/gestures/words when the girls aren’t looking.

They way you always listen.

All the thank you’s for the things I do.

The forehead and nose ring kisses.

When you pat the front of your chair, calling me to you.

When you come to lay your head in my lap, wrapping your arms around me.

When you ask me to help with your chores to keep you company.

When you help me with mine to keep me company.

Your willingness to try things that may initially be uncomfortable.

Your receptiveness, your self-teaching and learning, your thinking and planning.

All the times you say ‘I love you’ throughout the day.

All the times you say ‘You’re so beautiful’ throughout the day.

When you reach for my hand as we walk or sit.

When you open doors for me, no matter where we are.

When your hand instinctively goes to the back of my neck.

When you shift me to spoon and whisper ‘Goodnight’ in my ear.

When you cook and bake for us and tell me to write.

When you push or challenge me, knowing I’m better for it.

All the silly things you say and do to make me laugh and smile.

Your giant bear hugs that make my world pause.

Those loving, raw words of love and devotion just as you begin to drift to deep sleep.

All the ways you try to make time for us – the last minute dinners, sneak away sex, even quick, lusty interludes.

When you play with my hair as my head is on your lap.

All the times you know exactly what I need and never fail to provide.

When you listen to my needs and try your best to meet them.

When you hold me accountable.

When you let me sleep in.

There are so very many more. I see it all. I see your love and devotion. I see you making quality time for us. I see that you think of me. I feel it all. I do.

15 thoughts on “I See You

  1. I’m trying not to cry in my office . . . this is so touching. Thank you for sharing. You’ve moved my day to a better place.

    Annie 🙂

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