Sunday is Funday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It’s busy with cleaning and lawn work, grocery shopping and laundry. There’s homework to help with and a dog to be walked. It’s also the one day in the week when we usually have no other plans. We mosey through the day going from one task to the next. M bakes bread and we often cook together, so much of our time is spent in and out of the kitchen.

All day long, I get towel snaps and whacks with wooden spoons (or the spaghetti strainer….ouch). I get nipple pinches and ass grabs, fists in my hair and neck kisses. We feed one another and there are many deep, groping kisses. Without fail, when the girls are occupied, I’m ambushed and brought to a quick, knee-buckling release, usually many times throughout the day. If I’m really lucky, I’m sweept up and taken to the basement for a quick, lusty interlude.

These things happen during the week as well, and the kitchen is by far my favorite room in the house. But, Sunday is my favorite day – barefoot, hair behind my ears, clothes splattered with whatever it is we’re cooking, and M’s hands all over me. I don’t care one bit about the food….I’d prefer to be devoured.

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