As I was kissing M goodbye this morning, I realized I had forgotten to put his baggy of carrots into his lunch box. I fetched them and he unzipped his lunch box for me. On top was the note I put in, just as I do everyday.

M: You know, the first thing I do when I get to my office is open my lunch to read your note. I never wait until lunch. And, I keep every one. They are in my desk drawer.

My M is not always a man of many words, but I know what he was saying to me, either way. The look on his face as he speaks says volumes.

I miss you and think of you just as much every day, M. I appreciate the ‘little’ things you do for me, too.

P.S. I sure hope there’s a lock on that desk drawer.

9 thoughts on “Lunchgrams

  1. Thank you! It’s as much for me as it is for him. It sets the tone for my entire day…to make his breakfast and lunch, to think of something loving or playful or even ornery that only he would understand. He gets to take a piece of me with him to work every day. I get to know I put a smile on his face. It doesn’t get any better than that as the start to every day.

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