At your feet I’m seated
Fingers running through my hair
Your hand reaches out before me
“Come with me,” you turn toward the stairs

Gentle command to sit
Instructions, my fingers obey
Body a vessel for your pleasure
Open for you and on display

Curtain remains open
Your hands lather, rinse and tease
Eyes focused on me, you see
My body responds as you please

“No coming, wait for me,” I hear
Your look and voice command
Barely dry, fist in my hair
Release, guided by your hand

Bent over sink, made to watch
Roughly, my robe is lifted
“Look how beautiful you are,” you say
But, it’s your confidence that’s shifted

I do see me, yet more of you
Under your complete control
Tie to robe used as cleave
In the mirror, I’m made whole

We are one, two parts that’s fit
Smiles and grunts and moans
Release after wet release
Finally, we’re home

Mesmerized by your presence
As you guide us to our bed
On top I willingly follow
By your hand and words I’m lead

Arms bound by yours
Pace controlled by your hips
Body complies over and again
Foreheads touch, then greedy lips

Your eyes locked with mine
Tell me I’m yours, I’ve always known
Finally under your control, your lead
Unbelievable how much we’ve grown

4 thoughts on “Shifted

  1. It is unbelievable and so obvious. With every new post it is so obvious how much you and M have grown. It’s beautiful to witness.

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