Reading at your feet, comfy
You ask that I turn around
I kneel and listen attentively
Feet scuttle at the sound

Adorned in your choosing
Toys delivered as you asked
I kneel in submission
My soul completely unmasked

Warm, rigid shaft parts lips
Pleasing you, I’m wet
Blue version moves in and out
Your every direction met

Lying down, awaiting you
Again, my hands do follow
To the edge, teetering
Breathing ragged, hollow

Warmth begins it’s travel
As you’re lifting silky cloth
Caressing delicate skin until
All but thoughts of you are off

Permission finally granted
Whispers in my ear, lips parted
Orgasm shatters, forcing more
You say, “We’re just getting started”

Instructions, room is readied
On knees, arms clasped, I wait
Soft skin parts lips again
Cuffs buckled, I anticipate

Bent over, bottom exposed
Arms above my head
Back beckoning your instruments
Make your mark, make me red

Riding crop, suede flogger too
Ready virgin canvas
Sting and flinch, slap and thud
Engage all my senses

Your belt, it is my favorite
Wrist swings it to the beat
I calm and simply breathe
As leather and skin meet

Hitachi hums, breath catches
As you press it to delicate skin
Whispered words, telling me
To give and give again

Another round, same instruments
Guided by your hands
Extensions of your body
As each one strikes and lands

Lying on my back for you
Watching you, watching me
I’ll do any anything you ask
Yours, I’ll simply be

Forced release, many times
My body ripples and shivers
“That’s my girl,” you say to me
As my body continuously delivers

Floating, dreamy space
I wonder how far I can go
Further than we’ve ever been
In our trust we grow

Your skin on mine is hot
Overwhelmed, in your control
Loving words amidst firm grasps
Deep thrusts remind me I’m yours

Tears of love and surrender
To you, I am completely bound
We move as one entity
In one another, rebirth is found

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