Your Attention

Warm water trickles
As silken lather’s made smooth
Over delicate skin, readied
For the presentation you choose

Loving care, your steady hand
Careful swipes of blade
Questions posed to clarify
Not one mistake is made

So erotic, if not sexual
I trust your every move
Rinsed and dried so lovingly
Oil applied to soothe

Your attention, so fulfilling
I feel special in your care
Exposed and vulnerable only to you
My soul to you is bare

Foreheads touch, one kiss laid there
You caress my shaven skin
Fingers enter hungrily
Arms behind me pinned

Lead to the bedroom, hand in hand
I’m blanketed in you
“That’s my girl,” I hear again
Release granted as you choose

Resting beside my head
Arms, strong, pin my hair down
Except, my chin is lifted
In your eyes, I could drown

“Open your eyes,” I’m told
Just before your command
My release radiates, contracting
“Breathe,” you encourage, understand

Once again, foreheads meet
Bodies sync in rhythm
Souls entwined forever
I’m completely at your whim

6 thoughts on “Your Attention

  1. I read your posts and I want to comment, but is find myself at a loss for words. At the risk of repeating myself, beautiful, mesmerizing and loving are just a few that come to mind.

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