Words of Affirmation

Yesterday, M said some of the most loving, heartfelt things to me. He was so talkative and romantic. Every single day, he says things like this to me, but I think sometimes I don’t see the words for what they truly are.

For a girl who thrives on ‘words of affirmation’, hearing those words is food for my soul, but hearing the reasons behind the words makes my heart take flight. Although his words are so deeply meaningful, he doesn’t always explain or give reasons. Lately, I’ve been doing so much thinking about this whole topic. Do I REALLY need to hear the reasons? I should be so thankful that he honestly and genuinely communicates such loving sentiments with me at all. I know he is trying to tell me, in the best way he knows how, all that resides in his heart.

I know what resides there. Me.

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