Reset Me

M told me, and not for the first time, that he worries about me. He worries about my worrying. He says he wishes he could install an on/off button in my brain. But, I told him I think some of the things I consistently worry or stew about are helpful. They get me somewhere, sooner or later. They point me in a direction. The problem is, that once I find a direction, new worries fill the void of the old ones. That’s not so good all the time.

I told M that he may not be able to turn my brain on or off, but he is my pause button. Even a simple morning hug amidst the hustle and bustle of routine, pauses my brain. He is also my reset, he has that within his power. He can shroud me in himself, overwhelm me with his care and control.

Thank you for the pause this morning, I needed that. Reset me please, Sir?

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