Life Gets Messy

As much as I love to write about sexy interludes with neat and tidy endings, real life doesn’t always allow for that. Sexy doesn’t always go as planned. In fact, it often lakes a left turn.

Sometimes there are knocks on doors, just I’m about to launch into orbit. There are way too expensive, dog-chewed vibrators stuck in the covers. Slippery body parts that flail and toys slick with lube that go flying. There are emergency phone calls from work when I’m tangled up with rope. Bad dreams and ‘Mommy’s’ yelled as I’m breathless with shaky knees. There are arched backs and knees on ears and ibuprofen in the morning. The sound of the dog yacking in the hallway, heard over the low grunts and moans. There are messy sheets and beds that need to be remade at 1:00am. Doors that have been forgotten to be locked. And oh, so many more…

I’ll gladly take it all. Every mishap and fumble, interruption and ache. What fun life is when things get a little messy.

13 thoughts on “Life Gets Messy

  1. I personally have not been a bathroom alone in more years than i can count. Between children, pets and partners, there seems to be an instinct in all that triggers their desire to come ask for something the second my ass touches porcelain.

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