The Infinite Playlist

The other night, as I sat at M’s feet, he put some music on, one of his favorite playlists. I’ve heard it many time before, but this night it was much more than just listening to music in the background. As we listened to a few songs and talked about our days, a particular song came on, and I described to M an exact moment I remember that song being played, a happy, romantic moment from long, long ago. Yet, it doesn’t seem like so long ago. It was so lucid – I remembered what we were wearing, how the candles were lit, and our surroundings. I remembered how he touched me and how his body felt against mine as we danced. And the words he said, I’ll never forget those.

M laid his iPad on the living room floor, pulling me down to lie with him. That’s when he told me something that melted my heart……this playlist, his favorite, is one he created with all the songs that remind him of us. Of specific times and places and things we’ve done together, over the past 21 years. We scrolled through that playlist and relived our history, surprising one another with some of the tiniest of details in our rembrances. The design on the blanket we laid upon. The time, stuck and blinking on the clock, the smell of the flowers in the air, the spoken words of a stranger next to us. We felt as we felt, we saw as we saw, experiencing all those moments again, and again, together.

M and I love music. It is more than just words and sound; music marks the passage of time. It’s alive that way – it can take us on a journey, keeping vivid bits of our histories, preserving them so purely. Each lyric and melody evoking a response from all of our senses. Summoning emotion, sometimes so strong it’s difficult to listen. Inspiring strength and planting seeds of hope. Every playlist is a song after a song, but it’s also a memory after a memory. An endless reel of reminiscence and aspiration.

You want to know the best part? Every day, we are creating a new playlist. And I get to keep making them with my soulmate. Rock on.

8 thoughts on “The Infinite Playlist

  1. Mr. HH wooed me with tapes of songs than made him think of me. Now we make each other playlists on our anniversary of songs that are part of our musical history or songs for our future. I love how the music evokes such powerful memories.

    • Do you mean cassette tapes?? Remember making mix tapes off of the radio and holding the recorder close to the stereo speaker and trying to delete all the commercials?

      So awesome you guys still do that. What a lovely tradition!


      • That’s how we used to do it!! I still have lots of them. 🙂 now we do it the modern way and burn them to CDs. Last year we cracked up at our overlapping songs to each other despite our musical taste differences. Lol.

  2. i feel that way every time I hear Journey’s “Open Arms” or “Faithfully”. Makes me back to when we met in college. Especially “Open Arms”, because SB did that for me in sign language.

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