Sixteen (Twenty-One) Years And Beyond

My M,

Not long ago, at a crossroads, finally facing truths for the first time in my life, I didn’t choose the easiest route, the one with the fewest obstacles. Those truths I faced were ones within myself, ones that would take risk to face, ones that would take me down a very bumpy road.

When I looked deep, into my very soul to find direction, I saw you. I saw me, through your eyes, the me you deserved, the one I aimed to be for all those years, but was too afraid of the risk. I saw the us that could be, if I’d just take that risk. I saw all those years you stood by me, encouraging, accepting, supporting, loving and laughing with me. Just being the man you are. The man you’ve always been. Always paving a path for a better me. For a better us. Even when I wouldn’t get out of your way, or even out of my own way, you patiently led by example. You saw in me what I could not, and you waited.

You were worth the risk, worth every bump in the road. You are and will always be.

M, you are my compass – the hand I’ll forever trust to hold as you guide us, always pointing OUR north.

And, I am your roots – your endless support, the nourishment for your body and soul, your grounding. I won’t ever let go.

Happy Anniversary, My Love

14 thoughts on “Sixteen (Twenty-One) Years And Beyond

  1. Happy Anniversary to a very beautiful couple! Keep heading north . . . it’s a phenomenal view along the way. Sometimes the turns are tight but they make you hold on tighter to your compass. Then suddenly you’re sailing past the exits (25, 30,35, etc) with no thought of deviating from your destination – FOREVER!

    It’s the trip of your life. Record every scene to memory, savor every experience and tell your pilot you love his flight plan every single day.

    Happy Anniversary, Sweet Aging Sub.

    Annie B Glad To Know Ya ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

  2. Happy Anniversary, what a lovely testament of not only your journey but the purity of you love. I look forward to watching you as you continue on to your forever destination.
    Simply breathtaking

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