In His Arms

Heart still racing and arms artfully bound together in front of me, I slowly sit as he’s instructed. Strong, work-hardened fingers carefully wrap around my upper arms, guiding me to the floor, then backward to his warmth. Slightly scratchy, his chest hair grazes those sensitive spots made by that suede flogger and my favorite, thick brown belt just minutes before. Head resting on his firm chest, just below his chin, I exhale and sink myself in, molding myself to him.

His scent, woodsy and piney, surrounds me. I still taste him, a tease before I was told to sit down. I feel his breath, warm against my neck as he locks his face against mine. Whiskers, prickly against my cheek as he nuzzles in to whisper, remind me he’s not finished with me just yet. Against my back, his heart beats, thum dum, thum dum. His chest rises and falls, a slow and steady rhythm, rocking me ever so slightly forward and back. It’s not a lullaby meant to lull me to sleep, no. It’s meant to make me feel more awake than I’ve ever been. Awakened and tuned only to him. Anticipating.

The whole of him closes me in. He is my safety and my warmth. My love.

“Be still.”

“Yes, Sir.”

And I hear the hum. I know what he’s going to do with this delicious instrument of torture. Yet, I’m never sure just how far he’ll go….how far he’ll take me.

His arm grasps me around my middle, pinning me to him. His legs wrap over mine. My arms, already bound, rest over his. Now, I feel the hum. I hear the whiz and whirl of the plastic on my wetness. I feel the instantaneous, deep clenching as my breath catches, chest full, eyebrows pursed and teeth clamped together.

“You’ll have to stay quiet, or I’ll stop.”

Now, I know, without a doubt, I’ll be pushed. I’ll want to stop, but I won’t want to stop.

“Yes, Sir.”

That hum strokes, up and down, finding that perfect spot to rest. Then round and round, in small, clockwise circles until my back is arched and I feel as though every muscle in my body is tensed, unable to release.


And I know what he means. I exhale. I relax those tense muscles. I mold back into him. I sync with him – my breathing matching his, my chest rising and falling with his. Our skin is one warmth.

“I love your body. I love watching you. I love the noises you make for me. I love making you come.”

He squeezes me a little tighter…..and all I want is to make him happy. I don’t need to see his eyes to know how he sees me in this moment. I’ve seen them so many times before. I know that once I cross that threshold, I’ll keep going until. Just, until.

“Come for me.”

I close my eyes, and I surrender. To his words. To his body. To Him.

I surrender, over and over again, my body at his whim.

The hum is faster now, rumbly and fierce, until I come from barely a touch. Until the wetness flows and pools, over and over and over. Until I’m not thinking a single thought, only embracing the hum. Only watching his hand, feeling his skin, hearing his whispers in my ear.

I just come, for him.

Oh, god….I can feel his smile against my cheek….and I know I can do anything, in his arms. For him. I’d give him anything…..he can have all of me.

20 thoughts on “In His Arms

  1. I don’t know how you do it, but you just keep getting better and better. I was transformed by your words. I hope you have a weekend of incredible experiences. Now……I’m going to take a cold shower😜

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