One Year

One year ago today marked a turning point in our lives, the beginning of a path together for M and I. Or, maybe just a fork in the road we were already on, and we chose the proper path, the one we could finally see clearly, the one that truly suited us. I know, without a doubt, our time together, spent just as it was spent, took us to that fork in that road at that precise moment. We were finally ready, together, to walk this path as one.

Despite every stumble and fumble, the facing of truths and the working on our individual selves, we’ve come to a place together I never imagined was possible, not even when I thought I knew what we were beginning. This wonderful place of full disclosure and transparency, trust and communication, passion and the deepest love I’ve ever known. It’s a place of peace. Not that it’s easy, but it’s truly free. He is He and I am me. We are we. And, we soar, together in this freedom.

For the first time in my life, I look to the future and I can imagine a happy, fulfilling rest of my life…..because I already am.

11 thoughts on “One Year

  1. This is gorgeous!!!

    “a place together I never imagined was possible” – Over the last several years, I’ve realized that if I’d written my own script, I’d have sold myself short.

    “disclosure … transparency …. deepest love.” – It takes work and effort but you inspire by showing that the benefits are exponential.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, freedomhunternc. Getting to a place of peace within oneself is the most amazing feeling, isn’t it?! Such growth can happen.

      Wow, I appreciate that, so much. The benefits really are exponential. It’s unbelievable.

      Kay 💜

      • Sometimes I have to remind myself that those of us that have been through so much s*** are actually blessed beyond measure because of our difficulties. Keep trudging.

      • I couldn’t agree more. We are who we are today, where we are today, because of every experience leading to thus point.

        I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you, again. I’m a trudger….or a bulldozer. Depends on who you ask. 😉


  2. Look how far you two have come in only one short year. I’m so glad you allowed us glimpses into your journey. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and love with M and your beautiful family. Love you ❤️

    P.s. I controlled myself. No stickers😜

    • I’m telling ya!!! I feel like we have evolved into two different people, but really we’ve just become our true, honest selves. Together. It doesn’t get any better than that in this life.

      Thank you for your well wishes, Robin. I love you too!!

      Ps……thanks. Turds to you. 💩💩💩💩


  3. Fly, my beautiful Kay bird, fly . . .

    This is truly the most amazing journey humans can embark upon, isn’t it? The freedom to be completely and honesty ourselves and to have that cherished is beyond description. And yet, you described it beautifully as usual. You warm my heart so deeply – you and M – and the magic that is the two of you.

    I love you, sista Annie ❤

    • Annie, I plan to keep in flying……I won’t let anything hold me back. I can’t, not any more.

      It really is. I’m so happy you have found that freedom, you and your Beloved. You warm mine so deeply, too, the both of you, every day.

      Love you too, sista,

  4. What a model for M and I. I am so excited to reach that place of peace and acceptance in the beauty of the love my M and I have for each other. You two are in the very center of the masterpiece of your life. Thank you for allowing us to take time to show our appreciation for you, for your M and for your love.

  5. I really don’t know why it takes so long for us to get to this place of freedom. If we can stay together through all the BS that comes with a long term relationship we owe it to ourselves to enjoy each other fully. And when we finally do it’s magical. So happy for you both!! 🙂

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