Three Simple Words

Last night, M and I went to bed earlier than usual. We’d talked a little and were just lying there quietly, spooning, as is usual when we are going to sleep. I’d assumed he was drifting off, when I heard the most amazing three words in my ear. Simple, beautiful words.

“Kay, I’m happy.”

They kind of took me off guard.

“Happy about what?”

“You, us.”

And the breadth of that sunk in. I was speechless for a bit. We’ve talked so much about our relationship, about our evolution. We talk about how happy we are with the way things are going and about components of our dynamic, all the time. But, to hear that phrase, out of the blue, from this man who has historically not been the one to initiate emotional topics, was overwhelming.

I rolled over to face him, but it was so dark in our room, I couldn’t see his eyes. His eyes are always so telling, but I didn’t need to see them last night. I knew he meant it. I heard it in his voice, I felt it in his hands and in his body wrapped around mine. Most of all, I’ve experienced it in his behavior, day in and day out. I watch him, I feel and absorb his happy, too.

“Me, too. I never imagined I could be this happy.”

“It took such courage to bring this up. I love you.”

Again, I was taken aback. He was lying there with me, expressing to me how happy he is, and I knew as he said it that he is truly thankful for this journey. Just as thankful as I am.

“I love you, too.”

Those three simple words – they are all I ever wanted to hear, I think. They are all I’ll ever need.

20 thoughts on “Three Simple Words

  1. Such a great place to be isn’t it? Lying in the middle of your dreams and have them made real with the sound of his voice! I love this. I love you guys. Damn, I love me this morning.

    Annie B

    • I get choked up every time I read this response, Annie, because it’s so true. It’s not like I didn’t already know he was happy, but to hear him come out and say it, unprompted, it just really made it all so very real. It put any lingering fear or reservation to rest. That is an amazing free feeling. And to know that you know exactly what I speak of, from experience, makes my heart sing for you, too. I love you guys too!


      • I do darling. And I suspect many others do as well. The journey from good to amazing is loaded with fellow travelers. You know, I just think so many exit too soon or make the mistake of thinking that if they turn their bedroom into an adult theme park then everything they feel is lacking will suddenly be satisfying.

        You and M know that nothing could be further from the truth. This works because you were both honest and willing to expose yourselves to each other. I’ve seen way too many one-sided train wrecks over the past 38 years – where one partner or the other was drving the show and the other lacked the courage/conviction to tell the truth and just went for the ride until they couldn’t handle it and just abandoned the journey.

        Communicating every day – what is present in our souls, no matter how difficult, is the most freeing thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s why I would never allow myself to be boxed into rules, protocols or opinions of others – I’m a fucking free bird now and that is never gonna change. Because that freedom allowed me to express what was missing, what I needed and declare who I truly am on the most intimate and exposed level.

      • “Communicating every day – what is present in our souls, no matter how difficult, is the most freeing thing I’ve ever experienced.”

        Us too. We both feel that way. i won’t ever let that change, either. It’s allowed me, and us, the same. I’m in awe, every day.

        I think you’re right about the abandoned journeys and one-sidedness. I feel so privileged to be a part of a community of fellow travelers.


      • Me too!!! Its frigging inspiring to be surrounded by women full of hope, strength and dreams. The fact that we all love ourselves some kink is like whipped cream

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