Push Me

At times, the simplest of sexual activities can bring me to my pleasure threshold, faster and more intensely than I ever imagined. His touch, in just the right spot at just the right time. An unexpected rhythm. Two unbelievable things overwhelming my senses at the same time – whispered words, forceful tugs, increasingly steady pressure, the whoosh in the air and the coolness it creates, the impact, harder and harder and the radiating heat that lingers. But, the most unbelievable part for me, is his presence. His connection to me. His direction, his expectations during it all. My mind is focused on following and the rest is periphery. It’s why it all feels so amazing. Because I am bonded with him.

Sometimes, I am humbled and amazed at what comes from this intense level of communication, that bond between us. At times, M will bring me to that pleasure threshold, to the place where my pleasure is so intense, I’m honestly not sure I can take it anymore. The place where we are so focused on one another, our bodies are in sync and our minds are as one. Today, he did just that. He took me there, intensely. To that edge. I thought he was finished, but then I felt him ready to continue, and I asked him playfully to please not go on. He asked, “Does it hurt?” I told him it did not. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Then don’t move that until I say to.” And, he pushed me beyond. To that place where I was totally and completely surrendered and at his will. And that trust between us – him knowing when to push me, and me letting go to be pushed – the pleasure that results is in a realm I’d never have believed was possible, especially from such a simple act.

Not only is the pleasure fucking intense and the connecting so overwhelming, but I’m not sure there’s anything hotter than when he does that……when I ask him to stop, but he goes on…..knowing I can handle it…..oh, my, god.

6 thoughts on “Push Me

  1. “Oh My God” is right. It has taken years of foundation building for me to get to a level of trust it takes to hand over the keys to my boundaries. Love wasn’t the issue, trust was. But damn! It was worth the wait. I love where you and M are at – it inspires me.

    Annie ❤️💛💙

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