My Five Fingered Collar

Every night, when M and I go to sleep, we go through the same routine. We may talk bit, we always kiss, I roll over and snuggle my body back into him. M tucks his knees into the backs of mine, slightly lifting his top knee and sliding it forward a little so it tucks tightly against my bottom. He whispers some sort of goodnight phrase in my ear and I whisper back. Then, he glides his hand up my body and lightly grips around my neck. And that’s where it stays as we fall asleep.

This is something we’ve never talked about. I never asked him to do it. And it’s one of the things he does that makes my heart sing the most.

While I’m not a collared gal, because it’s just not something either of us have an interest in, his hand around my neck every night, of his own desire, having come about completely organically, is one of the most amazing feelings of belonging I’ve ever known. Those five work-roughened fingers, strong and tender, filled with love and commitment and passion…..they’re the only collar I’ll ever need. I wear them every night.

13 thoughts on “My Five Fingered Collar

  1. SSir does something similar – we call it big spoon, little spoon. I always have to roll over at some point because I’m a stomach sleeper. When I do, he places a hand somewhere on my body – bottom, back, head. The weight of it pins me to the bed…and makes me feel so good.

    I’d say M’s hand makes a MUCH better collar any day. 🙂

  2. Yes ma’am! The only thing on this bird’s neck. I don’t even do necklaces – never could stand to have things on my neck.

  3. Your collar sounds lovely, WWA! Since Master and I live apart 😪, I enjoy the feeling of the flexible link necklace which adorns His neck. He chose it from a photo I sent and I have permission to wear it whenever I want… until He collars me Himself in May. It too brings the same sense of connection, belonging and comfort. If only it were tighter…

  4. Love this. We sleep exactly the same way except his arm is tight around my waist. 30 years of sleeping like this and it’s still my favorite part of every day.

  5. Lovely! Love this – we fall asleep much the same way and are spooners too…with the exception of his arm wrapped tightly around my waist. I travel a lot for work and so when we are together this simple act means the world to me and then I know I am truly home

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