Stoking the Fire With Smiles

The other day, M and I were just sitting around, talking. He asked me what’s one thing he does, non-sexual, that turns me on, every time. I answered, then asked him the same question. We’ve been together 21 years, and those answers haven’t changed much, but they have evolved a bit.

I told M that when he’s silly and playful and witty, when he laughs and makes me laugh, it turns me on, every time. It warms my insides and grips my heart. It stokes this ever-blazing flame I have.

He told me he loves it when I laugh, too. When I laugh with him, when I’m witty and sarcastic and silly. When I’m uninhibited. He also said that his very favorite smile is the one I make when I know I’m being ornery. The one I make when I know I’m stepping on the line, maybe I’ve even got a few toes into that gray area. The one that I make when I’m trying to stay out of trouble.

That’s a smile he might never have seen, if we’d never made it to this place. And that look I get or those few warning words I hear in return….I may never have seen those, either.

Humor has always been a turn on for us, there’s no doubt. But, who knew laughter and smiles could be THIS fucking hot?

17 thoughts on “Stoking the Fire With Smiles

  1. Humor is a HUGE aphrodisiac for Master and me, too. I’ve laughed to the point of tears more in the last four months than in a lifetime!

  2. If sarcasm and ornery looks from you turn him on, he must be one turned on man!! You my friend, are the queen of sarcasm and ornery, and I love you for it😜

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