Appreciation….and Anticipation

Last night, after something amazing happened, M and I were snuggling in to sleep. He whispered to me in my ear, as usual:

“You are so talented. I’ve loved your writing the last dew days.”

“Which was your favorite?”

“My Five Fingered Collar.”

“We’ve never talked about that. I really love it.”

“It was so awesome to read about how much it means to you.”

Then, his fingers were just a little tighter around my neck and his lips just a little bit closer as he said:

“That thing you mentioned in ‘Push Me’, we’re doing that again real soon.”

And he left me to my imagination to fall asleep.


7 thoughts on “Appreciation….and Anticipation

  1. It really is the best feeling to hover a few millimeters off the ground knowing someone is planning your pleasure. Isn’t it?

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