Some Days

Some days, I really FEEL the miles. The never-ending stretch of each and every one, the seemingly insurmountable distance between us. It’s the best feeling to have people in my life who get me and accept me as I am. I’ve had good friends in my life, ones whom I’ve loved with all of me. But there’s something with these friends I’ve shared, that I’ve never shared with anyone before. They know me at my core. All the things I’d longed to share for all those years. And when they speak to me, I feel them, too. I share their sorrows, their joys and triumphs, their fears and dreams. I feel them all so deeply in my heart.

And some days, when we talk, I just want (NEED!) to hear their voices. I need to see (FEEL!) their eyes when we speak, feel the air around us vibrate as we laugh, the warmth of understanding between us when we cry.

Some days, I just need to hug my friends.

9 thoughts on “Some Days

  1. Two of my best friends are European and are located in their respective countries. I have a tendency to image how they would react when I tell them something — knowing them so well I can basically predict how they would look at me or what they would say, that gives me comfort and a smile. XO

  2. If I could have driven to your house and cried on your shoulder last night I probably would have. There is something about a hug from a friend who really gets you and knows you. You mean so very much to me . I love you Kay Redd! I’m hugging you right through this durn computer.

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