Get Out Of The Way

In the beginning, before we ever even spoke about D/s, I began the process of letting go, of empowering M. I listened to him and honored him in ways I’d taken for granted before. And after we did speak I about it, it seemed, in my mind, that I had some responsibility in helping him, in continuing to empower him. But, I had it wrong.

My job was to openly communicate with him. To share of myself and allow that to help him in his decision making processes. What I was doing was working against him for a while. Trying to conform him or us to some ideal in my head, clouding our path. Once I let go of that, and simply believed in him and in us, the journey truly began.

He never needed my help. He just needed me to get out of my own way.

9 thoughts on “Get Out Of The Way

  1. My dad used to tell my I had three options in my life: lead, follow or get out of the way! He knew I would do all three over my lifetime. You have managed to capture his voice for me again. Thank you my dear friend.

    I am on a friggin cloud this morning. You, Robin and many others out here are architects of my stairway to the clouds . . .

    Love you with everything me!
    Annie B Ridin’ High on Love & Memories

  2. He gave you exactly what you needed. The time and space to get out of your own way. He allowed you to offer your submission freely. How perfect.

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