Hits the Spot

One of the most amazing things M and I have experienced is an openness with one another like never before. The willingness and need to communicate and experience one another with total honesty and trust. And patience.

There are times when we communicate and our lines get crossed, when we have to keep revisiting a topic until we are both on the same page. We talk and think and talk some more, until we find a direction that works for us. An open honesty that allows us to truly meet one another’s needs and learn so much about ourselves and one another along the way. 

The same happens in the bedroom. There are times when things just aren’t meshing so well, when something feels a little off. Like last night. I couldn’t get out of my head no matter how hard I tried to just shut it off and follow. Then, I tried too hard. As much as he was trying to lovingly lead, he was trying too hard, too. 

M slowed us down and patiently lead with lots of communication until we found our same page. Him leading and me following, as we explored one another in unexpected ways, taking our time, learning together. That’s when he found this new spot, and how to touch it, and to combine it with this, take away that, or add this at just the right time. Oh. My. God. 

These are some of the things I’m so grateful for. Not just that he found another amazing, new spot, but that we are in this place where we can. Where it’s not only comfortable to explore, but it is what makes us tick. Our freedom to be ourselves, to communicate, share and learn about one another, all the time. To work through whatever comes up. Which always leads to some new, unbelievable discovery about one another. 

Appreciating one another and our ability to make these new discoveries, physical or emotional or spiritual, is what this is all about.

10 thoughts on “Hits the Spot

    • So very true! Perfect would be so boring, anyway. Love is crazy and awesome. Thank goodness. I’m so happy for you and Cinn, Mr. Hunter. Best wishes to you both.


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