Silhouette Dancing

Purple and black encircle wrists
Secured tightly above my head
Fingers draw fiery lines on skin
As I anticipate being lead

Blue Nirvana t-shirt brushes
Softly against sensitive flesh
As he whispers loving words and commands
Desire and anticipation enmesh

One click, then another, hold me still
Wooden bar spreads my feet
Completely bound and immobile
Standing before me, our eyes meet

Smiles and silly faces
An ease we’ve never known
Fist wraps around hair, tugged tight
Reminded we’re at home

Candle flickers in dim light
Instruments strum music on skin
Thud and slap, whoosh and crack
A melody over and again

Body sways in chorus
Eyes closed, connected mind
The only sound my breath between us
As cane connects behind

Time stands still, only he and sound
As I sink into his safety
Pushed in trust, with his strong hands
Proven to support and catch me

Pleasure meets pain, pain meets pleasure
Warm hands pinch and caress
Slow burning heat, rising pressure
Ebb and flow, buzz and press

Two hands gently guide my head
To silhouettes on distant wall
I watch as shadows dance, as one
My surrender is his, my all

15 thoughts on “Silhouette Dancing

  1. LOVE this. And the closing, “my surrender is his, my all…” is complete perfection. And I agree with Cinn…the Nirvana t-shirt did it for me.
    Lovely post…

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