She Is

She is the yes girl
The clean up the mess girl
The always appropriately dressed girl
Messy on the inside

She is the aim to please you girl
The helps you when you’re blue girl
The won’t quit till she’s through girl
Screaming on the inside

She is the peace keeping girl
The up when you’re sleeping girl
The mind always leaping girl
Exhausted on the inside

She is the needs a hug girl
The needs you like a drug girl
The sweeps it under the rug girl
Desperate on the inside

She is the wants to feel like yours girl
The heart for you pours girl
The wants to give you more girl
Trying on the inside

34 thoughts on “She Is

  1. You and Annie B are my heroes. I find myself going to both of your blogs often just to be inspired. Now if I could just write like you do. Words are not my medium. Music is. But good lord how I admire good wordsmiths. Thank you!

    • Wow, you humble me, TTM. I imagine your music is something to behold! Your passion shines through in every word you share with me, so it must be amazingly evident in your music. You’re more of a wordsmith than you see…..your honesty and openness strike a chord with me and move me each time you share. As always, thank you!


    • It’s not sad! It’s a reminder from where I began this journey. It’s a reminder that I’m not alone in walking this path. I share it with so many of you!


  2. Oh. Kay. This is inspired.
    It is resonating deeply for so many, including myself, because you have crafted the perfect, concise description of how it feels to be submissive. This is me. This is our shared voice. Love, love, love. I must share. xox

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