Fuck Feeling Fine

Fuck feeling fine!
I want to feel frazzled
And caught off guard
Fallen, yet supported by your hands

I want to fight
To swing and flail
In a frenzy of foolishness
Until we find our way

I want to feel
To frolic and fawn
Fervidly in my femininity,
Following freely by your side

Fine is overrated
Fuck feeling fine
Let’s feed these ferocious feelings
Filling all our fissures
Living a life unfiltered
And free

Forsake fine with me?

4 thoughts on “Fuck Feeling Fine

  1. As I was journeying through my divorce this year, and the two of us made every effort to be loving and supportive throughout…this is exactly what I was screaming on the inside. Trying to be a better friend than I ever was a husband, I made a Herculean effort to always be”fine”. Do much so that I don’t believe I ever allowed myself the right to site…I don’t want this divorce!!!! Fuck this. But I felt so guilty for not being emotionally available as a man that I agreed, without a fight…not to fight for my wife, my best friend, my life. Thank you for putting into words what I could not.

    • What a difficult time that must have been, Dennis. Being vulnerable is so tough to do, especially when we are up against all those ingrained beliefs and behaviors we thought were the ‘right’ things to do. Letting those go proves to be a an ongoing battle.

      I wish you well in your endeavors, Dennis.


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