More Than…..

After all these years together, I am deeper in love with M than I’ve ever been. He doesn’t believe in the notion of falling more in love, but I believe as we grow in this way of living, our capacity to love deepens. We grow and evolve and with that, there’s always more to learn and uncover. As we learn more and more about one another, there’s an infinitely deeper appreciation, a deeper connection….there’s always more to love. And, there are forever uncharted paths which we get to create and walk together, a never-ending cycle of deepening connection and love.

I know we’ve been together a long time, but I feel like more than his life partner, more than his wife, even. I feel wanted and needed, nurtured and protected. I’m not sure there’s a word for that, or if there even needs to be one, but I feel spiritually connected with him. Belonging isn’t even strong enough and owned is maybe not the right word, either.

His. I believe it’s that simple. I’m his, always. And madly in love.

13 thoughts on “More Than…..

  1. Beautifully put. I TOTALLY understand that feeling. I loved Sir the day I married him, but the years of joy, tears, tragedy and triumphs, has changed that love. It has deepened it and expended it and grown it into an indescribable feeling. I am CONSUMED by him, and grateful for it EVERYDAY.

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