Triple Double

I know, what the fuck is a triple double, right??

It’s when you thought you were going to get double digits on your ass (39 + 4 with a cane to be exact, the number of points LeBron James scored + 3  for the triple double and 1 for something else I can’t remember), but you ended up with triple (100), that’s what. All because of a basketball game and a term you just can’t (or don’t care to) understand in the heat of things. And maybe one offhanded comment about how it would have been okay if he’d scored more points.

Let’s just hope I don’t get the triple digits two days in a row. Would that be a Double Triple? Is that a thing? (Really, I don’t care).

12 thoughts on “Triple Double

  1. Offhanded my ass! Or should I say “your ass?” Plotted, planned and carried out with the greatest of anticipation :()

  2. I don’t watch or even really understand sports. I mean, if I’m with a man and he wants me to watch the game with him, yeah, physically my face is pointed at the game (be it basketball, football, golf, baseball) but my mind is busy going, “Why do football players smack each other on the ass all the time?” or “Good christ, baseball is so fucking slow”, or “I could’ve gone to the shoe sale at Bloomingdales, but noooo, this jackass wanted me to watch golf with him”. How many whacks with the cane do I deserve for that, I can’t even begin to count.

    • Cara, this made me laugh out loud!! Oh, how I can relate. Watching sports on TV is truly one of the most boring acts on the planet. And really, why do they smack each other on the ass so much? In my house, whacks are for good girls (usually), and thinking ornery things is just fine, it’s the acting on them that gets me into trouble. But thank God they can’t hear our ornery thoughts!!


    • Not mine either, Kayla! I actually despise watching sports on TV, but M usually makes it fun somehow. 😉 My ass isn’t hard core…..I just really love the cane.


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